Bird and Wildlife Photography Equipment: Lenses, cameras, teleconverters, tripods, monopods

Gear in this video clip:
Obtain the LensCoat camo lens covers at
Canon 400mm f/5.6 at
Canon 500mm f/4 at
Canon 100-400 at
Tamron 200-500 at

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My video camera equipment:.
* Best novice video camera:.
* Canon 70D:.
* Canon 5D Mark III:.
* Canon 50mm f1.4:.
* Canon 24-105 f/4 L IS:.
* Canon 70-200 f/2.8 L IS MkII:.
* Canon 500mm f/4 L IS:.
* Sigma 150mm macro:.
* Rokinon fisheye:.
* YongNuo 568EX Flash:.


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  1. Tony & Chelsea Northrup

    +nikanj A 2X teleconverter on your 70-200 f/2.8 will give you the best
    images of faraway subjects.

    1. Stephanie Eisenhauer

      +Edwinfu Plympto >>>How to use laser pens, flashlights, and other household
      items to get spectacular visual effects

    2. +Stephanie Eisenhauer >>How to use laser tweezers, flashlights, and other
      household items to get spectacular visual effects
      >>===>><<===<< hope it helps?>>>

    3. +Jane J. Frazier >>I found Learn Photo Editing discount link. Follow steps
      inside, enjoy.
      >>===>><<===<< hope it helps?>>>

    4. the IQ drops significantly using a converter on the 70-200 compared to
      using the 400mm 5.6 prime or even the 100-400.

  2. I picked up a nice canon 400mm 5.6 for 600 which I thought was a good deal
    and Im using it on my canon 70D, trying my hand at some wild life

    1. +Kigai11 I also picked up my 400 5.6 for 620 (EUR)! And I also going to use
      it on my 70D! 🙂 On Monday the postman will bring it 😉

    2. +ortsmitte great post some pictures on toy’s face book page I’m sure they
      would love to see them

    3. +Kigai11 post on the fb Page? I’m bot sure oder Tony like Spam ob his page

  3. Wow, how du you get your camera to float chris?

  4. Whats the use of flash on such a telephoto lens? 😂

    1. fill shadows

  5. Mohammed (HabbaBimo)

    the guys in the middle has the robotic voice :)

    1. Mohammed you are wright, man

  6. weird to see.. 7fps and 20 pics buffer size were considered a lot 3 years

  7. 1:59 ISO 32000? Maybe typo and mean’t 3200?

  8. What is the Nikon equivalent of the cannon 7d Mk ii or the 5d mkii???

    1. Tony & Chelsea Northrup

      The D500 is Nikon’s 7D Mk II, and the best wildlife camera we’ve ever
      tested. Check the D500 review on our channel.

    2. Tony & Chelsea Northrup are there any good Nikon cameras for wildlife that
      I can find on eBay regularly?

    3. yeah…….the D500

    4. Maybe the D7200

  9. The second guy Is a Disguise robot lmao

  10. what’s this type of photography for? I know it’s wildlife but what’s the
    use of it?

    1. Dao Quang For selling the images mostly.

    2. +AeroPR do u know how much an image like this costs? Cause nowadays you can
      find thousands of stock images like this from google

    3. Good luck using images from “google” for a commercial use. You will get
      sued big time. If you want to use them on your website, advertisement or in
      a printed medium, you have to pay for them, or the copyright lawyers will
      ruin your life. And for this kind of use photos are not cheap.

      Also special magazines like National Geographics buy the photos.

    4. MrSalamifreak no.. i mean if someone wants to buy them, they can buy those
      images that are already taken. Im sure in this kind of photography many
      photos are the same…

  11. goddamn that girl is beautiful

    1. Joshua Nolan she ic cute

  12. hey tony, I am thinking to move up and upgrade from my sony nex 5n, I have
    been looking at the sony a6000 or a7 when I can afford it. Do yo recommend
    those cameras or something else? Is it important to look at the megapixels
    offered for these cameras or it matters solely on the lenses? Also I would
    like to take astrophoography with them, what size lenses do you recommend?

  13. Shooting birds with bazooka

  14. That thumbnail makes me laugh

  15. I have a Canon EOS Rebel T5 and I’m looking for a lens that has a maximum
    focal length over 300mm, but costs under or around $500. Any suggestions?

    1. Michelle Jones sigma 150-500

    2. Michelle Jones Canon 400mm f/5.6.

    3. They said under $500. Canon 400 5.6 new runs $1200 and used around $800.

  16. i wanna take a nice zoomed in shot of chelsea’s bird

  17. every bit of this video is great EXCEPT the one line about camo making you
    look like “a murderer or a hunter.” Are they trying to take a shot at

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