Top 5 Camera Gadgets You Should Have

Fantastic Gadgets for Your Camera …

Pulse –
Hercules –
Lomography Petzval Lens –
Catch the Minute in 3D –


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  1. I love the pulse and hercules but hate that neither is available for

    1. google is a wonderful thing

    2. +growingyourbaby IKR. Didn’t they say the Hercules wasn’t vapor wear, but
      that it’s ready to go. But checking the site they are know where near

    3. +growingyourbaby Well just buy a Sony A7xx and you use SonyApp why buy
      something else!!!

    4. don’t do the hercules. it’s proving to be very shotty…

    5. the pulse is way over hyped….mediocrity at it’s best.

  2. time to buy some pvc pipes and make my own iflow for under 5$,thanks

    1. Panayiotis Constantopoulos

      +QuartzHD Ballin On A Budget LOL! ME=BROKE

    2. $5? that’s a lot of cash… I’ll just use my neighbours son lol, I’ll tell
      him if he holds my camera without dropping it I’ll give him some fresh air
      and breeze pie.

    3. +BBSHOCKZ sounds pervy,i like it

  3. Infinity & Beyond

    How can I buy pulse

  4. Lisandro Castaneda

    God this is overwhelming so extremely useful simple equipment

  5. 0:24 when the sky is moving but the people are standing straight

    1. Yeah, i think they had a picture and cropped the sky or something, I know
      that there is a way to do it, there will be a tutorial somewhere on youtube

    2. James Gyler

      he stands completely still.

    3. -. – haha bulshit he would have to stand for 2 hours minimum

  6. what’s the song during the hercules segment does anyone know?

    1. Ctiboš The MeMedicoulous Douchebag

      lazy town – we are number one

  7. did anyone actually buy hercules? is it any good? im thinking about

    1. Duggie it’s a shame…but the basic pulse-slider costs about 149$ that’s a
      bad joke

    2. Konrad Rohrig oh awww 🙁

    3. Duggie a price up to 60$ would be fair…but this is a joke

  8. You can literally do what the pulse does on a canon t6i/canon 750d lmao

    1. Joshuah Alvarado Except shooting video

  9. Thanks I’ll just use my skateboard. However the hercules does sound cool

    1. Travis Wolf but it’s too expensive

  10. Osmo….job done

  11. hello, I can use HERCULES for time-lapse???

    1. Ciaone Belli no…then it will explode…

  12. all gimmick bullshit. you can make majority of this beside pulse.

  13. machRADAU - Hip Hop Magazin & Jams

    My dear… pulse and hercules are rocking! 🤘🏻 Ordered hercules already to
    germany with an discount code: HOLIDAY20

    You will get 20%

  14. Excellent

  15. for the first gadget just buy a wifi camera

  16. iShit therefore iAm.

  17. good job

  18. Nuestros viajes de mochila

    steady cam?

  19. …aaaaand I will have the PULSE!

  20. Iflow seems less eye catchy but more reseaonable to buy, the other gadgets
    are bunch of attractive bullshits

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