Top 5 GoPro Accessories you should buy ▶1

Outstanding GoPro devices you should get … C'MON GUYS DESTROY MY SUBSCRIBE BUTTON:

Mota –
Exo GP-1 –
PowerGrip WATER –
Partner –


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  1. Awesome GoPro accessories you should buy…..

    1. They Actually Make a housing case for the Session Now, If you want to check
      it out still

    2. Provided they were actually available!

    3. Tech HD

    4. G
      Tech HD

  2. the removu is water resistance but the gopro itself is not. so i think it
    is pointless…

    1. +Julian Clayton with the case! Tho

    2. Bailey Arensmeyer

      I was just about to say that 😂😂

    3. +Duong To yeah lol bad product design should be able to attach with the

    4. +Julian Clayton yeah to 30 metres with the right back on! its not
      waterproof with the skeleton case! maybe thats what they meant?

    5. Duong To yeah, they stupidly forgot about the housing.

  3. does the power grip work with the gopro HD original?

    1. Yes, work with all GoPro versions

    2. +J Chase Id recommend to save for a better gopro rather then get a nice
      mount for your old one.

    3. +Tech HD you can mount any go pro but it says specifically on their website
      that the waterproof charging only works for the Hero 3+/4 because the size
      of the backdoor is different

  4. great copilation

    1. +Salvador Peráñez Thanks Man ;D

    2. +Tech HD thanks to you for brin us all this great tops

  5. just looks like you stuck 5 adds together…

    1. +Luke’N’River cause he did

  6. we will take your small camera and make it bigger

    1. It’s $180 for that case lol what a rip

  7. i stopped watching because of all the little ads up top.

  8. Waterproof brushless motors, open GoPro case, useless!

  9. Aqui no Brasil você precisar ser rico pra comprar uma assim.

  10. Can you review the Sgonar strap??

  11. most of these are expensivce

  12. Is the exo GP-1 water resistant?

  13. Great video, would you like to review this 60-in-1 vanteexpro gopro
    accessories kit?

  14. Great video, would you like to review this 60-in-1 vanteexpro gopro
    accessories kit?

  15. Björgvin Máni Traustason

    is posseble to use removu with the session

  16. Wanted the EXO GP-1 but remembered the new GoPro Hero 5 doesn’t fit in

  17. PLease feel free to critique my videos. I’m new and love using my GoPro.

  18. Omg this is great video now im planning to buy removu

    1. Katie Katie is fucked up

    2. Drew Widener well if im fucked up then what happen to you

  19. For the removu s1 why is the gimble waterproof but it can’t fit the go pro
    water proof case, you still need to keep them out of water

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