Top 5 – iPhone 6s & 6s Plus Accessories!

Top 5 – iPhone 6s & 6s Plus Add-on!
$ 35 iPhone Sixes Battery Case:
12 Days of TLD!

iPhone 6s Plus Battery Situation:
MPOW Lens Package:
NomadPlus Smart Charger:
Wanderer Pocketbook:
Anker Lightning Vehicle Battery charger:

S/O to MKBHD for the Cameo!

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New Food Task:
My Equipment:


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  1. 8 DAYS IN A ROW!

    1. What about the gorilla pod?

    2. *wife comes in the room and asks*: what are you doing
      i am charging my wallet

  2. Legend has it that the case is still on the floor where it belongs

    1. Mattrixx Frequencies

      Nice one😂

    2. +FeaR FuZiioN Oh cmon. The floor isn’t that bad. xD

  3. I hope everyone reading this is having an amazing day :)

    1. Of course

    2. My dad got ran over by a semi

    3. +Expose The Beast Is your dad Leelah Alcorn? (kidding rip)

  4. really pushin for that million? #getJonathantoamillion

  5. bruuuhhhh he just tossed that battery case over his shoulders as if it was
    child support documents that he recieved from his baby momma lmao

    1. The child support jokes mad played out.

    2. +Rain Norris FR

  6. Hope this Christmas brings 1 Million subs to you +Jonathan Morrison.

    1. Such a thoughtful comment

    2. +Dewey Cox Thanks mate 🙂

  7. It’s gotten to the point where i just like these videos as a reflex lol
    the production is always so good and not only are there a wide variety of
    good products being featured,
    but you are also very informative, keep up the good work

    1. Thank ya!

  8. Christianne Gregorio

    I just got my mpow set and saw that the Wide angle lens said WEID on the
    side and thought I got a bootleg set, but I came back to this video and saw
    that his says WEID too LOL

    1. lol phew!

    2. What do you think about the mpow set ? I just bought it but I want to know
      your opinion.

  9. Happy holidays Jonathan, I had a question I hope you do answer. Hubby and I
    have always been Android people and just recently upgraded to the iPhones
    +. I’m really considering getting him that case you listed down below, the
    one that comes with a charger… I am just a little confused. Can that
    damage the charger port ? And you would charge your phone directly there ?
    So how would you know if you’re charging the case or the phone ? Lol. With
    android I had the Samsung battery pack charger where I was able to charge
    my extra batteries separate so this is very new to me.

    1. iPhone 6 s + ****

    2. You’d use a normal USB charger for the case, and it would charge the case
      until it’s full and then the phone after!

  10. Nice video jonathan!

  11. What’s the muisc in the background (#NoDarudeSandstorm)

  12. Can you please review thincharge separately? Does Mpow lens work with
    thincharge battery case??

  13. crispy, bah

  14. Hey Jonathan, youre stuff is pretty cool !
    What cam did you use for shooting this video ?
    Thank’s for answer.

  15. with the car charger, are there any issues with it not being an apple
    product? will the phone still allow the cable to charge the phone?

  16. Would the camera lens work on an iPhone 6

  17. Case @ 1:51?

    1. Apple’s leather case

  18. What was that case when you were showing that attachment lens you were

  19. What camera are you using to video? Thank you!

  20. So all of the tech youtubers meet up and record aesthetic shots together?

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