Top 5 Photography Gadgets you Should Have

Outstanding devices for every professional photographer … Hyperlinks
Pico Time Gap
Capture Clip
Day-to-day Messenger
The Gnarbox
Petzval 58


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  1. anyody know where can i get that messneger bag..?

    1. True Kili

    2. EverythingFlo

    3. just saw this in person few hours ago at PPE.
      Theyre selling it there…nice design, but not necessarily need it.

    4. Jesangji thakor of mimicking

    5. whisperingwind7 , hi, where can I buy a messenger bag?

  2. So… A bunch of hipster fuckquits trying to sell us junk we don’t need?
    What’s new?

    1. Actually laughed out loud.

    2. XxsubtomeandwatchmyvideosxX

      +MyVash12349 u mean fuckwit ya fuckwit

  3. Mindarin and Pico aren’t anymore … :(

  4. OMG the everyday bag is $225 uh uh uh NOO

    1. I looks like an average messenger bag with a cheap pull out divider to me

    2. Yeah and its a messenger bag. Those are awful to haul around. Get a good
      backpack instead. You can carry so much more on the back.

    3. It’s a *very* good messenger bag and an even better diaper bag or city bag.
      I bought it for photography but I hardly use it in the city. If a messenger
      bag is your thing – it’s a great choice. If you don’t know if you’d use one
      – go for a backpack or sling or smaller camera bag.

  5. Real top 5 to have. 1: Camera 2: Lens 3: Tripod 4: Strap 5: Remote

    1. But the title says “gadgets”, not equip

    2. I don’t use a strap. Free form! :p

    3. And lots of fujifilm or Kodak

    4. eetu53 what about camera bag? You might damage your camera though

    5. so i just got suckered into another fund bate

  6. i would be constantly scared with the capture clip..

    1. Same, if you are walking on the street someone could just grab it and run
      lol, at least that is my reason for not buying it

    2. notice the video they do not let go of the camera.. kickstarter hype

    3. they aways let go of the camera…

    4. They can’t just grab it.. it’s locked in.

    5. Plus its really bad for your camera if you have a heavy lens.

  7. Веселин Митев

    well, you cant programm it with the iphone 7

  8. That last lens is the most pointless thing I have seen.

    1. didnt lensebaby do that too a couple of yrs ago?

  9. 2:20 music of which song?

    1. South of Life Train

      garage band. not even joking

    2. 01 00:00 Rafa Viana – He’s Here
      02 00:10 Florian Gasperini – Temporal Geometry
      03 00:50 RedWhiteNBlu – America, O’ Sweet America
      04 02:00 Montt Mardié – Travelers
      05 02:10 Lupe Fiasco – Prisoner 1 & 2 (Featuring Ayesha Jaco)
      06 02:20 Eiji Takahashi – SAKURA Boom Mark
      07 02:30 Oh, Harry – I Reclaim My Streets
      08 03:20 My Neighbour Is – Little Freak
      09 03:50 The Tender Box – The Score
      10 04:00 My Neighbour Is – Little Freak
      11 05:50 Pit Fight Demolition – Through the Path of Snakes
      12 06:00 Son Lux – Change Is Everything
      13 06:40 Dutch Party – Echo Girl

      Identified using

    3. StealthyMonk hbhbg

  10. 2000 x zoom in a video-camera, in two modes : video and photo, in one
    brand: Canon FS 100 and I have it. One contra: 1 lux !

  11. 1:03 RIP smartphone.

  12. sorry, i need a petzval lens that goes to 11, not 7

    1. Why not just make 10 the loudest?

  13. That capture clip belt thing.. has been around for years for like £5

    1. Wanton110 does 5$ thing works normal? is it safe to use?

  14. Whats the Name of the 2nd Song?

  15. All these thinks without Petzval 58 are awesome.

  16. me encantaria tener un buen pico

  17. Omg watching this video and that skyline of minneapolis is exactly where I
    go to shoot my long exposure shots and timelapses. Very cool to see!

  18. That camera messenger bag is awesome! Where can we get one?

  19. Hi good video good gadgets and gears bags and lens ! Taking photo can be
    cheap to high cost ! Same as a good bed! Or a glass of beers ! Or a cd ,
    music player! High priced are come with warrant!!!! Happy are priceless

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