6 DIY Photography Gifts

View the COOPH team demonstration how you can create some fast Do It Yourself photography presents best for those final occasions!

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Manufacturer: Ulrich Grill, zooom productions ()
Supervisor: Matt Rycroft
Photos: Leo Rosas, Jon Williams, Matt Rycroft
Models: Matt Rycroft & Manu Kesinovic
Cinematography & Modifying: Andrea Anderes


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  1. why reaupload

    1. +TechnkTest Last one we had a small mistake 🙁 Sorry about that!

    2. +COOPH the text was shown 2 times, right?

    3. +TechnkTest Yip #facepalm

  2. Not going to lie some of these are kinda sloppy, I mean yeah they are cool
    for like parties but not as gifts.

    1. if I received a lantern with taped pictured on it as a gift, I would be
      pretty upset in terns of “creativity” I want to give someone a gift that I
      would personally create, I wouldn’t spend 5 seconds using scotch tape to
      tape a picture on there, I would take the time to put a picture on there,
      and that is what makes it special,

      It doesn’t make it special when you are lazy and put 5 seconds to use
      scotch tape.

    2. +Quinn Roux Well, we’ve taken you off our Christmas list, Quinn 🙂

    3. +Quinn Roux While I agree about that one, the wood transfers are pretty

  3. this was so cool. thanks for the vid

  4. what is lazerjet? can i use an ordinary printer with ink

    1. People either have an ink jet or a laser jet. Does the image you print out
      smudge if you rub it immediately? If it doesn’t, chances are you have the
      right kind of printer. But hey, maybe you can use an ink jet as well

    2. abegail vela no. you need a laser printer.

  5. very good tricks for beginners!!

  6. is there another alternative for mod podge?

  7. what is mod podge

  8. is it ok if the iron on im gonna use is bond paper?

  9. these diys are so cool👍👏👏

  10. Justin Rudy (Merc Wita Mouth)

    tried #2 and the picture rubs off every time…not pushing hard and i let
    it dry for 9hrs any suggestions?

  11. please tell me the type of paper used for printing , as i have tried this
    but it doesnt get transfer

    1. It is about the printer and not the paper i think…

  12. Awesome stuff.

  13. wht is a.wax paper?? will.paraffin paper work.??guyz do.reply immediately
    where could i.find those papers?

    1. I think wax paper is what you use for baking.

  14. awesome…….👌

  15. panagiotis galanakos

    for your first (ironing session) does it have to be an inverted photo? or
    does not matter?
    and to answer to all our friends , I don’t think that there is any wood
    that cannot be a base to transfer the photos with an iron’…..you might
    want to choose white wood for good image transfer….also you might also
    use mdf with veneer of wood….not only solid wood….I will surely try it
    and let you know…

  16. what’s the type of picture did you use to heat on the candle?

  17. that picture at 0:33 is that SaiGon ?

  18. Great ideas, love your videos.

  19. does it has to be a Laserjet Print ? whats the difference between Laser and
    ink Print ?

  20. what papper you use?

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