7 DIY Photography Tips Using Household Objects

Enjoy digital photographer Markus Berger demonstrate some innovative as well as practical photography pointers making use of just home items!

UPDATE: We got a lots of concerns on this video, we address them all right here:

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Photographer: Markus Berger
Model: Andrea Schernthaner
Cinematography & Editing and enhancing: Andrea Schernthaner
Supervisor: Matthew Rycroft

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  1. I’m sorry ..I recently got interested in photography just for my own
    entertainment ….and sorry for asking such a simple question but what
    camera was used on this video ? 

    1. No problem, it’s a new camera so it’s a perfectly good question! It’s the
      Leica T: http://us.leica-camera.com/Photography/T-System/Leica-T

    2. +COOPH
      The link doesn’t work anymore.. Also, how can you turn on the light? It
      doesn’t have a regular electricity cable

  2. What powers the ring light? Batteries?

    1. @Bella Yuan + Bella Yuan yes pls i search the lamp really long and i want
      to buy these. pls answer me

    2. +Rosey Tom hello sir,what’s meaning,pls?

    3. CountrySleep Photography

      What size light did u use?? inches?

  3. The most shoking one was that I can actually reflect light using a mirror.

  4. Ask your grandmother if she has glass balls.

    1. She only has glass tits. My grandad’s the one with glass balls

    2. I’m dying

    3. JohnnySixString funny thing is she does have those

  5. lol, I’m sure that without stabilizing tablet this background effect will
    be soooooooo straight.

  6. Where is the tube light from

  7. Great tips, thanks!

  8. awesome!

  9. use your tablet .. for a cool…. bullshit … there is no way that was the
    result of what he did with his tablet ..

    1. Moutassem Dayea yeah, actually, it’s this setting for your iPhone camera, I
      forget what it’s called but it kinda merges movement into one image.

    2. It’s called shooting with a long exposure. In the video it says the
      exposure time was 8 seconds.

    3. THATS HWAT I SAID!! Holding and moving across the field of view while
      holding the tablet freehand will result in crooked lines. Not to mention no
      one has a dark interrogation room in their house

    4. The lines will NEVER be that straight if you’re doing this freehand. You
      need a track to get the lines that straight

  10. Mind Spirit Design LLC

    Good life hacks we can do better

  11. I wonder how cheap that Leica was…

  12. Awesome hacks! Love the info. Thanks!

  13. where you can take this lamp in the last hack?

  14. the one with the tablet is so cool!

  15. I am new to photography, attempting to work as a freelance photographer. I
    was having
    trouble getting certain types of photos to be clear. I have found the
    information in this program very helpful. I refer to this book on a regular
    basis and the quality of my photos has improved greatly.

    1. Great video & Works excellent.

    2. Peter N. Steffensen

      This guide is helpful and motivating.

  16. which is the cam u guys are using n this video??

  17. Excelente trabajo!!

  18. what kind of camera used in video?

    1. Baqer Aliraqi It’s the Leica T😊

  19. the stockings are kinda cool. Though you could just lower the clarity and
    up the contrast in post processing like almost every other photographer.
    Everything else seems kind of impractical, especially #2

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