Cool Long Exposure Photography Ideas

Develop amazing pictures with lengthy exposure tricks!

——————. As it's the season of doing lengthy exposures( if you're out shooting xmas light and fireworks), below are some suggestions that you might want to try out throughout this joyful period and past! Songs credit history:. Batty McFaddin by Kevin MacLeod( ).
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  1. Tienes Un Llama Drama

    long exposure, a great way to spot the lazy people of society

    1. +Tienes Un Llama Drama Why do you consider that lazy?

    2. +babycaaakes They mean you can see the people that aren’t moving around,
      making them lazy.

    3. Oh, of course. That makes sense. I thought llama drama meant that the
      photographer was lazy for using that technique. lol. duh.

    4. I guess the streets will be empty in the pictures now that Pokemon Go is out

  2. Not sure if this guy does a comedy routine or camera tutorials?? Neither?

    1. Ideas not Tutorial.

    2. Not sure if English is your first language or neither…

  3. She’s so pretty 😍

    1. Yes, very fuckable indeed.

  4. Tip for idiots. The title of the video is “Cool Long Exposure Photography
    Ideas” not Long Exposure tutorial.

    1. THANK YOU!

  5. instrumentenfreak

    I miss Alamby :’-(

    1. Harambe?

  6. Try your jokes at a pub. Not here. I came to learn, and walked away with
    nothing more than I had to begin with

    1. Long Exposure Photography IDEAS, not how to.

    2. ɷɷɷɷ I Haveeee Watcheddd Thisss Movieeee Leakedddd Versionnnn Heree : –

  7. What filter was he using?

    1. The brand? No idea but it’s an ND filter

  8. what is he holding to the lens

    1. Kandi Klover (Fursuiter Furry)

      ND filter because he didn’t get the proper sized thread to match the lens.

  9. your jokes are painful but informative..thanks

  10. What tripod is it

  11. Whats the purpose of the filter?

    1. Gains Loading Bulb mode (this time called long exposure) lets in more
      light. Therefore…
      More light = over exposed shots
      The filter acts like a sunglass for your camera so your shots doesn’t get
      over exposed.

    2. jnplnrvl makes perfect sense now. Thanks!

  12. For some reason I can never get my camera to do long exposures during the
    day. I use a Canon Rebel XTi (I know, not a good camera but it does the

    1. Kris AwesomePants Have you used ND filters?

    2. +David Pinon
      No. I’ll have to go to the shop and get some.

  13. Happy newyear indeed, exactly 4y ago

  14. The intro was like a top gear intro

  15. what are all the camera settings for this

  16. Alambylicious

  17. Purveyor of Awesome

    Digging the idea of zooming, not just moving the camera!

  18. video by a kid with a camera whos watched too much top gear.. Take some
    inner reflection time and learn photography before you start making
    tutorial videos..

  19. Andrew Osta Fine Art Studio

    so boring

  20. dude you are boring! reduce your talks

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