How to do Hyperlapse Photography

Time gap photography on steroids! Produce hyperlapse video clip with standard gear.
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Ways to Time-lapse. Appropriately.

The best ways to do Levitation Digital photography.

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  1. Share your hyperlapse stories and poses right here!

    1. +Athaariq Ardiansyah Ramadhani That was a clear sign of protest, perhaps
      you should wash your feet more often …

    2. Athaariq Ardiansyah

      +The Kaiser the title is “Share your hyperlapse stories…”, then i
      follow what he said

    3. +The Dragon Slayer Have you ever tried Prolapse?

    4. Kirill Stock Footage Timelapse

      You can check a lot of timelapse/hyperlapse on my channel

    5. DigitalRev TV what type. of camera?

  2. TheSomersaultProductions

    The voice and guy don’t match at all. Not being a racist, but yeah.

    1. the fact you had to point out youre not wanting to be racist is alteady sad
      enough. i hate this generation

    2. TheSomersaultProductions

      +Lars høk It really is.

    3. The Annoying Dog chocolate rain

  3. Omg your voice doesn’t fit your physical self wow it’s amazing

    1. +pacus123 no

    2. how is that racist?

    3. It’s not racist. It’s just that not all people are from places that may be
      called melting pots. I know the US is a melting pot, but there are isolated
      places without outside cultural influence. When I was in basic training, we
      had a guy that had never seen a black person before other than on
      television. The stares were real… Just like that guy didn’t think his
      voice fitted his physical profile doesn’t mean that he’s racist… it only
      means that he has never been exposed to it before. Chill out man. It’s all

  4. Lol who else did not expect his voice to be so deep with. an accent yet
    along a British accent?

    1. none yah bizwax You should come to Britain. You’re mind would be blown!

    2. Steph G your*

    3. Jonathan W
      You’re autistic.
      Is that better? :*

  5. This is officially the first asian guy, I’ve heard speak English with a
    British accent.

    1. Cai Donggting Hong Kong is in Asia

    2. Cube Master who named the continent Asia?

  6. Did somone voice over your video? lol

    1. Having his looks, I just wish I had the looks stun everyone like he does 🙂


    1. waldis999 the mlg guy isn’t a person it’s a text to speech program

    2. lol he knew that was a text to speech program, but he really sounds like it.

    3. +Dexter McArrows Yeah it would be pretty awesome to have that voice

    4. Ikr +TheIceTigers

  8. He looks 23 but sounds 47

    1. Swag_Killa3000 I thought I was the only one who realise it. 😂

  9. that Asian face of yours doesn’t match that very POSH accent! !!!

    1. AlunaGeorge Ferreira

      SucM D You can look anyway and have an accent

    2. SucM D that stupid face of yours doesn’t match with that com… oh hold on,
      yes it does

    3. Said by the libtard whose user name is Ching Chong.

    4. SucM D bet you sound like a redneck 😉

  10. he us the first asian ive seen with that kind of accent

    1. He sounds like Moss with a deeper voice.

    2. Potatoes Have Feelings Too

      ikr my first thought when i saw him

    3. it wasn’t the accent that threw me off. It’s the combination of that deep
      voice with the english accent that was like wat

    4. i think he’s chinese

    5. Jerden Caday OMG ITS HONG KONG!!! (i live in hong Kong)

  11. Guys, he’s probably a third or fourth generation British-Asian. Yes he has
    an awesome accent. Y’all acting like people must have accents from the
    country of origin damn

    1. Giereroid {HIATUS SORRY}

      because it doesn’t fit

    2. It’s more like culture shock than anything dude

  12. Who here didn’t even know what a hyperlapse was?

    1. ReNZo™ me but now i know

    2. ReNZo™ this video is from 2 years ago

    3. ReNZo™ me

    4. ReNZo™ you

  13. your voice does not go with how I would think you look

    1. AcedItGaming ikr its weird to see an asian guy with a deep voice and a
      thick british accent 😂

  14. he looks asian but he also sounds like a reporter from BBC!

    1. Do not judge a book by its cover

    2. jonathan joseph haha yeah

  15. Yo wait asian looking, deep voice, but british accent WTF!!!!!!!!

    1. Kawaii Killer (capdru)

      vContagious HD there are Asians in Britain….

    2. Kawaii Killer (capdru)

      Why is that surprising?

    3. vContagious HD racist

  16. you look like a mid 20’s asain guy, you sound like a mid 30’s british guy

    1. YEAH NO 50s British guy

    2. YEAH NO indeed

  17. wtf he sounds like a 40 yr old white British man

    1. Derpachu He sounds like the British text to speech man

  18. Can you tell me how you made your voice “not Asian”?

    1. Growing up in England.

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