“Stuck at Home” Photo Ideas #2: How to Shoot a Water Curtain

Stuck at home throughout the rainy season? Or also warm to bother heading out to take pictures? Below's a photo suggestion that you could attempt in the house (try not to flooding your residence).

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  1. I wish you shared your camera settings or EXIF for this kind of photo

    1. But if he does you won’t learn as much!

    2. +Ben Bishop That’s true, I agree :))

  2. Thank you for cleaning the street when you were done.

  3. Twiddly Twit (TwiddlyTwit)

    This is quite like Top Gear for Photography! Brilliant.

  4. You coworkers don’t want to appear in this video 🙂 I fully understand them

  5. I laughed way too much through this xD

  6. Badass fire-burnt, frozen, gun-fired, truck-hitten 7D, just doesn’t want to

  7. The end result was so worth it!! Beautiful photo!!!!

  8. Safety procedure #1…stay safe

  9. lambies boobs are visible

  10. 加点中文字如何,或者不说鸟语!

  11. the humor is unbearable

  12. It’s a little bit loose. That’s what she said

  13. you two are completely bonkers lol!! I love the way you show all the
    mistakes you make. Thank you

  14. now wasn’t that freaking awesome!

  15. Abhishek Purkayastha

    Three of u r damn good. Learned a lot from u guys, don’t know why u guys r
    splitting from DigitalRev

  16. what lens did u used sir?

  17. Francisco López Vega

    Which is the song’s name?

  18. Love it. I had a great laugh and it was fun to watch. Good job, keep it up

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