A 9 year old Wedding Photographer, Starting from scratch on YouTube, a 10mp Toothbrush: RAWtalk 186

First things first, a 9 year old is coming for your wedding event digital photography tasks so look out. Starts at 16:16

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I had a college student by the name of Alex Cooper on this week for a discussion/ brain dump on starting from scratch on YouTube. Though this is not really photography relevant it's building your brand associated which is just as essential. Alex has actually the skill set to not just shoot however edit her own video clips and also was wanting to me for support on where to start. I would certainly like you to hear this interview and also take the information as well as fill in the blank with whatever kind of instructions you wish to go on the internet.

ABSENCE NEXT WEEK as June is basically a trip month for a lot of us below.

We have Stephens Picture News, Wheel of FRO and MEME's so delight in the show.

00:00:16 – Program Begin
00:00:17 – Jared's Grimes Performance Experience
00:03:05 – Absence Following Week!
00:04:34 – We're Mosting likely to Photokina
00:06:29 – Alex Cooper Meeting Showing up!
00:09:26 – This Week's Plug: Rode Mics
00:10:11 – #BringFroToAustralia
00:10:45 – Send out United States Your MyRodeReel.com Entries
00:14:19 – Remember Regarding the Video clip Podcast on iTunes
00:14:28 – Allen's Canon-Ball Pointer
00:14:45 – Jared's Giving Away a Canon Printer
00:16:16 – Image Information
00:20:15 – Todd Makes it Rainfall
00:21:35 – Editing GoPro Video
00:34:23 – Phone a Pal: Jared's Papa
00:46:40 – Alex Cooper Meeting
01:17:07 – We Have an Extra Microphone …
01:18:17 – No Equipment of the Week: Woopsie
01:19:30 – Wheel of Fro
01:25:22 – This Week's Memes/Songs
01:32:38 – Rotate That Wheel!

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  1. Stephanie Ferrante

    If it wasn’t for this amazing channel, I wouldn’t have found out about both
    Light Room and Think Tank Photo

    1. love it.

    2. Stephanie Ferrante

      +Jared Polin Light room makes my post processing a lot faster and easier.
      And the backpack is great quality. I have had it since February and lasted
      this long.

    3. I’m really glad I saw this RAW talk today. or rather tonight. lol I love
      the RAW talk but I had to skip to the interview because that’s what I
      wanted. First thing I’m gonna do now is in monetize all my old videos. I do
      have ideas but I need to zero in on something. I’ve already made my first
      which I need to finish editing. Just waiting for the money to buy into
      audioblocks and then finish the edit. Your team is amazing and the video
      and editing guides are absolutely brilliant!

    4. I agree somewhat because to me it was ThinkTank. But yes Jared, Todd and
      Steve and the crew are excellent. People like them, Tony & Chelsea
      Northrup, Matt Granger and a ton of others. They are just absolute

    5. unmonetize*

  2. You should come do a RAWTalk or SOMETHING in Pittsburgh!! :D

    1. No they should come to Kansas City! 😂

  3. I wonder if a dentist would buy the camera toothbrush

  4. Is she the girl that you wanted to talk while recording but they didnt? :D

  5. Does anyone actually like the new Instagram algorithm? I can’t stand it.
    Seeing pictures from 3days ago at the top of my feed, and not seeing brand
    new pictures at all annoys me. I rarely ever even check it any more because
    of it. It’s terrible.

    1. I haven’t even felt the difference, or maybe it hasn’t change yet XD

  6. It actually starts at 23:50, not 16:16.

    1. Thanks.

    2. +Toyin Oshodi
      I think Jared and co were trying to make us watch more of the video than
      was needed.

    3. and we don’t actually get to see the work. It’s the lead story.
      #everydaysexism #clickbait

  7. maybe you guys mentioned it somewhere during this show and i missed it but
    when will you be in Berlin? i live in Prague and would love to come up..or
    come to Prague, damn solid town.. another great show guys, dik (thats how
    you say ‘thanks’ in Czech)

    1. Sep 22-25

    2. Highly recommend Prague! You will get some amazing shots. The scenery there
      is unreal.

    3. The best nightclubs I have ever been to are in Prague. I didn’t check to
      see if the had Kolsch though!

    4. When I am in Praha I drink lots of pivo, then I talk PIVO.

  8. she reminds me of kendra wilkinson

  9. Todd is a good editor.

  10. Backpacking Cape Breton

    It looks like Todd has purple eye shadow on.

  11. This really hard to finish this interview

  12. Shortly becoming a photographer, Jared was a newsie selling headlines.

  13. Who ever sent that Cash Canon, THANK YOU! xD

  14. I’m in Tokyo, so, get over here already! :)

  15. Shes so beautiful. She could easily have a few million subscribers on
    YouTube for making videos.

  16. Guess what guys! You can now sell Winston Meredith III a T-shirt since
    Britain left the EU

  17. Where are the next shows? SNIFFFF

  18. Nice, are you still using the Zoom H6 as your interface? If not what are
    you currently using?

  19. Now I feel bad about writing comments that could be construed as mean
    towards Jared sometimes…I’m sorry, Jared. We like you, that’s why we are

  20. who was The Man You were TalkinG About At 7:04

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