Don’t LEAD With A CRAPPY Photo Or You RISK Losing Jobs: Rapid Fire Website Critique

The initial point I discovered on this site was an image that did not grab me, it did not pop. What it did do is make me examine why it was there to begin with.

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When building a portfolio particularly on-line you have to lead with something that's going to get a person, keep in mind that. If it doesn't you run the risk of a person clicking off your website before they even have a chance to browse.

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  1. The bell brought me here. 😁😂

    1. YAY it works!!!

    2. And you should be happy I did.

  2. notification squad

  3. it’s 606-… not 608-… u should read it right ;)

    1. mietschie or make the numbers bigger..😉

  4. love the critiques he gives out, keep it up man.

  5. I’m also a photographer based in Kentucky. I was born and raised here.
    Pretty cool to see when somebody from kentucky gets shown or talked about
    on different social medias. really not much around here.

  6. +jared polin I kinda liked the photo at the front page. It has a feeling
    and gives me the vide of the concert

    1. MrPapanikolas yea, I thought he did it on purpose. Jared polin has this
      shot that he’s shown a bit where people are silhouetted on a hill. So
      anyone could say it’s the same error that the guy in the video was said to

    2. Same here. It’s a conscious decision and works pretty well in this shot,
      with the white smoke in the background.

    3. Oliver exactly! it would look way less interesting if it had them exposed

    4. agreed i think its a great pic

  7. the number was 606 at the beginning

    1. +mesh beck was it? Looked like 8 to me

    2. yeah it was

    3. Yeah it was 606

    4. new prescription needed? 😉

    5. Its a 6 man, for real watch ur own video

  8. The Daughter Who Sews

    too funny his number didn’t work

    1. lol, it said 606 not 608. Jared F-ed that up

  9. Hey Jared – can you give me a critique please? I’m a 17 year old
    photographer from Hull, UK.

    1. Some are cool, but you missed the focus of the eyes on a couple of close
      ups, and the fire eater looks like a tourist snapshot

    2. As said in another Fro video, you should definitely cut down or at least
      streamline your watermarks. It’s odd seeing two different ones in the same
      area. Some of your shots are also a bit too obviously edited. HOWEVER, that
      feed really does show your progression as a photographer, though that can
      be taken as a negative thing since the quality does seem to worsen (to a
      degree) as you scroll down.

    3. The photos on my page range from a week or two after I got my first DSLR to
      present, so the older photos are of a considerable lower quality, but I
      wanted to keep them up either way

    4. +Matthew Appleyard Why though? You submit 10 of your best photos for
      critique? Don’t put in crap if you have better

    5. 404 Page not found

  10. Jared you need the AF on your eyes checked.

  11. 7th time down is a Christian rock band

  12. Photographers who don’t proof read their text?! Come on people!

  13. love for you to critique my website Jared Polin love a call from you

  14. I agree with the whole critic except that the Baseball shot should have
    been level. I think it looks better the way it is, would have been nice to
    see the rest of the bat as it broke though, although you can’t predict

  15. Kurzgesagt :D

  16. jared when you getting your prescription updated

  17. Jared is daddy

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