How To Get Paying Photography Jobs

In this video i discuss a publication, below is the link to guide the photographer handbook. excellent point to have

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  1. Photography students often have access to University assets. And they also
    often don’t have much money. That’s the most obvious reason the questioner
    didn’t have their own kit. They probably have a second hand camera and a
    couple of lenses – if they’re lucky.

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  3. Has anyone found a US version of this book?

    1. EverythingAndTheMusic

      not yet :/

  4. like if your watching in 2015

    1. Like if you know the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’.

    2. +colblimp well sorry. i just made a mistake….
      was typing fast

  5. Surely if you’re going to answer someone’s question you read the email
    before you make the video. Seems a bit strange that you acted surprised at
    what had been written and critiqued this poor girl’s life in front of all
    your viewers before you answered her question.

    1. +Piero Serra i read the title of her email and decided to do a video
      straight away. critiquing her life? no, more like being confused by her
      path of photography development. – Doing a photography degree before even
      owning some of the basic lighting equipment –

    2. костaдин гребaчев

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  6. I want to get a job working for Vans for either their lookbook and in store
    photos. Also Traveling and shooting for them would be awesome any ideas?

    1. +David L’Abbe develop a world class portfolio of images showing a wide and
      diverse range of skills and styles and then approach their advertising and
      marketing departments with your portfolio.

    2. How is it now? Did u get the job?

    3. EverythingAndTheMusic

      Study the photographs Vans already use in their advertisements and
      branding. Don’t just ‘copy’ this but go out and create your own shots in a
      similar style. For example Vans are big in the music industry and
      alternative sports eg skateboarding, BMX etc. Go to BMX shows or hang
      around skate parks and take shots. If you see people wearing vans
      merchandise as if you can photograph them doing some tricks. Same with
      bands, go to Vans Warped tour and photograph artists there. Get some
      friends who look ‘fits’ the Vans brand and take alternative model
      photography of them in Vans clothing and accessories (official merchandise
      only obviously). If there’s a Vans store in your area ask if you could do
      some photography if they have an instore events. Get involved with the
      brand as an enthusiastic photographer first, show you really support it and
      are into it but that you HAVE the professional photography skills they need
      too. These are ideas of how to build a portfolio showcasing your best work
      using the Vans brand but ultimately it will be your photography skills and
      experience that will land you the job over being a huge fan of the company.
      Good luck. Let us know how it goes.

  7. Anybody else hear the buzzing?

  8. Kind of rude to someone seeking your help there at the beginning.

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  9. I have choose. Photograhy for my GCSE is it good or Bad ? Starting my GCSE
    on Sept.

    1. EverythingAndTheMusic

      If you want to be a photographer GOOD. You will have your first photography
      qualification (a GCSE) and this can help you do onto A-Level photography
      and University (If you want to). BUT a lot of photography is more about
      networking and real experience of photography shoots not just the technical
      learning of ‘how to’ be a good photographer and having lots of photography
      qualifications. Oh and you will need lots of experience in Photoshop and
      LightRoom for post-editing of photos. It’s a nice GCSE to have and a bit
      different from the usual ones eg history but you need to be do a lot of
      photography outside the classroom too if you want to start making money.
      Get experience and build a portfolio and network with people in the
      industry. Good luck.

  10. great but we don’t live in the UK

  11. Really good video, I had never heard of the freelance photographers
    handbook….That properly the best piece of advice to do with photography I
    have ever received…

  12. Here is a little twist on the being paid by clients… Recently I shot a
    small job that took an hour and purposed this to the client as far as show
    up fee which is my hourly rate. So I show up to the event make connect with
    my customer and reaffirm arrangements about fee and process of images,
    ect.. So when I was done, I got back with her and asked if there was
    anything else I could do. At that point I though saying “Is there anything
    else I could do”. was a Segway for her to pass me my show up fee. She was
    talking with guests and made a gesture and said I’ll do the computer thing
    and did a typing gesture? “Okay” I said and left empty handed. I should
    mention that The downloadable images can be purchased individually price
    per image and payment cam be made through Paypal pryer to assignment. So
    I’m in a awkward position on the show up fee. Have an suggestions? It’s
    only been a day. Should I wait a couple of days..? I’m a little confused on
    how some people think it’s okay NOT to pay for anything when services are
    rendered. I know I’d running to my wallet the second something was

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  17. There are several suggestions for how to get paid for photos
    Use you social media accounts to market
    Setup your own blog
    Join a suitable course or site for marketing photos
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