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Cruise ship Photography
Over the last 25 years Image has actually grown to become the largest and also most effective image concessionaire in the cruise ship sector.

Photo has been in business of recording cruise trip memories since 1987 and is currently the biggest as well as most effective picture concessionaire in the cruise ship industry. We supply cutting-edge photography remedies and also first-rate solution to our cruise line partners.

Image now operates on 42 ships on globally plans aboard most of the largest and also most revered cruise lines worldwide, consisting of: Azamara Club Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Cunard Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Paul Gauguin Cruises and also Royal Caribbean International.

As the marketplace leader in creating honor winning, technology-based services, we have reinvented photography on cruise ships. We presented copyrighted innovations that improve the method our cruise ship lines' guests communicate with, acquisition as well as share their cherished trip memories. From producing new means to display hard copy pictures, to allowing every visitor to acquire their images in an electronic type, Photo is the only company able to fulfill these obstacles.


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  1. I was recently interviewed and accepted into the position of Image
    Photographer. I told them if I go through I will start in April. Excited
    but nervous at the sametime I never even flown in a plane yet. I was just
    wondering if anyone who has worked for image before can tell me what to
    expect, is it really exhuasting and demanding?
    I understand you work 10-12 hour days 7 days a week for 8 months stright.
    Do you get much shore leave if any and how is the sales on adverage. It
    looks like a real good opportunity I been doing photography for five years
    now professionally.

    1. Lyudmyla Vyshnevska

      Congrats! And what questions were at interview?

    2. Thanks, Just general question on experience with working with public and
      they want to see a few examples of your portrait work

    3. Jonathan Page Acabo

      +Shannon Randall How did you apply? Are they still hiring? Thanks…

    4. +Shannon Randall its not worth it trust me. You Are thrown in the deep end
      and dont get any time off. The most time i had was 3 hours to myself in
      norway, and it rained. I couldn’t believe how strenuous the working hours
      were. The team of 13 i worked with back in august now no longer work there
      due to stress and bad management. NONE OF THEM REMAIN

    5. Thanks for the info Fillipio. Sorry to hear it was a bad experience for
      you. I was excited for it but was talked out of going by a few people and
      did some research and kind of figured that. I ended up working for a liquor
      outlet here promoting sales of beers and wines. I got married also so it
      was impossible for me to go. That is too bad to hear this and that you had
      no fun and not have the opportunity to explore different locations and get
      some of your own photos. Hope you have better luck in the New Year.

  2. AWFUL AWFUL JOB! working 13 hours plus whilst being paid MINIMAL. being
    spoken to by both passengers AND STAFF, like a piece of SH*t and not having
    the time to eat.

    dreadful job. please stay away.. until they either increase the wage or
    decrease the amount of hours you work.. it really is not worth wasting your
    life away.. this is not a career nor is it a career starter. you have been

    1. +fillipio99 What was the starting pay? And when were your days off?

    2. +Achim Harding you dont get a day off is the simple answer to that. I was
      awarded one day off out of ‘kindness’ but this does not usually happen.
      Starting pay is £600 per month. For which i worked 13 hours per day, 7 days
      a week, 30 days a month…

    3. only £600 a month? first of all, that seems a bit of an exaggeration of
      yours…. that’s simply not enough to even survive. you probably ended up
      with a bad Rep…

    4. That’s the reality on ships. Food is free, drinks are cheap in the crew
      bar, you don’t have to pay rent but the salaries are low.

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  4. Krishnaprasad Haridas

    Am from India and am very much interested to work as cruise photographer.
    Please let me know how to apply and the eligibilty criteria.

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