50 Quick Photography Tips

50 Quick Photography Tips in much less than 15 minutes.

——————. Remain tuned for our upcoming Taiwan special, where the group takes place a little trip to finish a variety of tasks. Sponsored by Cathay Holidays:. Related Videos:.

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  1. This channel is incredibly helpful and hilarious.

    1. Bradley Stone i know I’ve been binge watching for 2 days

    2. Bradley Stone totally agree 😂😄

    3. i agree 2

  2. You wacist?

  3. HAHAHA man these are the videos i miss!

    1. Jayden Kim then see it again

  4. Clone Stone Studio

    Wait, Kai do you treat other people baby like that

  5. I miss these types of wideos.

  6. So about tip 4: I don’t have a dslr yet, but when I get one it will be my

    1. remember to feed it with SD cards everyday

    1. EposVox hey broo 👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿

    2. EposVox ayeee Epos

  7. The Babysitter: KAI’S REVENGE

  8. 42 – THE TONGUE!

  9. “little phallic things” xD

  10. “I want that one” – Andy Pipkin.
    Nice one. :-)

  11. So young haha

  12. this guy is the Jeremy Clarkson of photography

    1. true !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. *Random Fact:*
    The red ring on Canon’s L lenses is made with the blood from protographers
    squishing their fingers with a lens hood like in 1:20

    1. iliden strmrege lmfao

    2. actually this doesn’t work with my DSLR’s kit lens

  14. Pink face? That’s racist

  15. These guys are so fucking funny. My face hurts from laughing.

  16. sorry honey if I spend over $900 on my dslr it’s gonna be treated as my

  17. this was so entertaining u guys r so funny

  18. drink and shoot has let me to some of the best shots I’ve ever taken!

  19. 2:26 I Have That Lens Cap

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