7 Powerful Photography Tips for Amazing Photos

Harness these 7 easy concepts to leap start your photography:

1) Fill the structure
2) Simplify and also exaggerate
3) Do not focus your subject
4) Create depth
5) Link the dots
6) Viewpoint is EVERYTHING
7) Lights is EVERYTHINGer

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Joshua Cripps is a prominent digital photographer living near Yosemite National Park in The golden state.

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All pictures, text, and video clip is copyright Joshua Cripps. Any usage without my share created permission is really not cool down, man.


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  1. I love the sense of humor in this video, and the tips helped me as a common
    people who just want to take a good shot. Subscribed! Thanks!

    1. +Li Yong Chen its interesting tho to read this convo lol

    2. Digital PhotographyTips

      +Li Yong Chen Also me too liked his amazing photo tips. I loved it!

    3. +Li Yong Chen Great tips keep up the good work.

    4. Jeremy M. Kessler

    5. Digital PhotographyTips

      helpful photography tips

  2. ok, subscribed :)

    1. Professional Photography Tips

      +WebWorkerin Booyah! Thanks!

    2. ok, subscribed :). Seriously though, awesome tips and a great overall video!

  3. your videos are so helpful! especially for new photographers! definitely

  4. These were really great tips!

  5. You’ve earned my subscription in the first 10 seconds. I laughed way too
    hard at the cheesiness. Love it

  6. wonderful simple explication. thanks bro

  7. But I don’t have an iphone. My current camera is crap, it is a $50 digital
    camera from walmart.

    1. Veganes Spanferkel Babe


      no iPhone or 1000$-camera needed.
      last time i looked, you could get a lumix g3 body and an old 40mm konica
      1.8 lens plus AR/M43-Adapter on ebay (germany) for 160€ (1€ = 1$ right now)
      the lens is mainly gold for portrait, not for landscape because its so
      tele, but its a dirt cheap start into photography with fine 16 megapixels
      and a much nicer lens than the kit-zoom you usually get.

      i personally started the same, and even though the manual focus requires
      prsctise, this is how you learn it best, i’d say. later you can invest more.

  8. what’s the best camera for photography

    1. You are your best camera. Trust me.

    2. The one you have.

    3. Linda Silvers nikon d7200 nikon d750 nikom d810 nikon d500

  9. I cant lie about that but i liked your character more than the video itself
    hahah where is the Subscribe button lol

  10. loved it!!!

  11. omg..I am checking your website…your pictures are amazing…exactly the
    type I love to shoot!!! I am a beginner on my way to learn…thanks for the

  12. so about the setting the exposure for the brightest part and bring out the
    dark parts in post. I would try to take two images. one with the sky
    properly exposed and one with the ground properly exposed and cut and match
    them later in post to get a perfect exposure of both.

  13. loved it .. every thing make sense. thank u .

  14. Josh, you are F-ing hot!

  15. “Is this close enough?”


  16. This is great! just made something like this giving away some of my tips
    and tricks!

  17. Then how come I take pictures of people taking a bath
    I get the cops called on..!?!

  18. As an amateur photographer looking to go from pretty cool looking to
    absolutely outstanding photos, this helps a lot! Thank you for the video

  19. Very helpful video!

  20. Hey everyone! I just started a Facebook page by the name ZF Photography.
    Please check it out and follow

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