7 Simple Photography Hacks

Enjoy digital photographer Leo Rosas demonstrate 7 simple photography tips & techniques.
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Producer: Ulrich Grill, zooom manufacturings ()
Supervisor: Matthew Rycroft
Digital photographer: Leo Rosas ()
Model: Marc Schwarz
Cinematography & Modifying: Holger Väth/ Andrea Anderes


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  1. Nice locations in Salzburg!

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    2. I had a Nikon d5300 kit with 18-55 lens. How can I made that last efect of
      Your film?

    3. You need a lens with low F number. F/1.8 1.4. Close subject and far lights.

  2. Ajie Perusset Mortez Daguise

    I will never ever do vaseline tricks

    1. +Ethan Tran That’s like saying you should superimpose all your models into
      your photos and artificially blur photos you take of backgrounds. If you’re
      just playing around, okay fine. But if this is an actual look that you’re
      going for, there is no point in deliberately doing it in post rather than
      in camera.

    2. what camera is this ?

    3. Zack Star Nikon D4

    4. mydreamboy you do realise he bought a cheap filter to do this?

  3. bokeh hack is really awesome!

    1. Ikr. did you try it, btw?

    2. i not, maybe sometimes :’

    3. Mazin Bashar I just tried it today, it did nothing but put a black triangle
      around the shot, all the lights stayed their usual shape

  4. Nice Bokeh Idea, But in the long exposure photo I would like to know how
    you can make lomg exposure without gettting bulry image in the man body.

    1. Man Behind Lumia
      Thanks for the information.
      If I use speedlite flash with long exposure, will it freeze moving objects
      while keeping every thing clear ?

  5. Hey guys, can someone suggest a cheap but great quality dslr, around $300
    to $400?

    1. I have the d5300, i recommend it

    2. Ruben Dijksma Canon T5

    3. Nikon D3400 bundle 18-55 mm and 70-300 mm on sale for around $499 if you
      wanna push just a little further

    4. Nikon D3300 + 18-55mm

    5. Well,now i have the Canon EOS Rebel T6 and you can get the bundle for about
      $500 USD.

  6. bokeh effect really work

  7. I really liked that last one.. I might get experimenting later on when its
    dark :)

  8. Hate the word hack. These are mods and tricks. Not hacks.
    Otherwise nice vid.

  9. Every image but the Bokeh one is in black and white sad

    1. Aldrin Zahau Mizo

  10. I dont get the sting hack at all. What is the point of this?

    1. the act of pulling up on the camera attached to a string is supposed to
      stabilize it? thats the logic? I dont see how that would eliminate shake
      when you still have to hold the camera. Makes no sense

    2. you’ve got it, it’s the same as putting weight under a camera for
      stabilization, it works as you put force the other way ! it eliminate tiny
      shakes, your muscle do the rest

    3. +hanaofangel Thats why I didnt get it, I have a super steady hand and can
      take a clear exposure even at very slow settings. I use a tripod only for
      exposures over a second, anything else my hand functions for my needs

    4. Most guys cant hold anything stable abov 1/60th of a second, so its a
      pretty useful trick 🙂

    5. malyllm

  11. I enjoyed learning from the well planned and executed explanation of camera
    lenses and trick photography. Written in a conversational tone. Short and
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    camera lenses: “glass”. The best part is the very helpful graphics that
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    1. Christopher Shirlow

      Great informative Trick.

    2. Thanks for this.

  12. Vaseline over the lens. You can’t fucking be serious. We do have photoshop

    1. Adi Adrian he put it on a filter not on the lens itself

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  14. Nirvaana CoffeeAddict

    The 7th Bokeh was the highlight!! Amazing! I suddenly feel I’m such a noob
    actually,😅 have to learn a lot.
    P.S. I’m not a photographer😬

  15. This isn’t the way to make good photos.
    For good photos you don’t need tricks but skill.

    1. photography isnt 100% skill, dumbass. photography is about creativity…
      unlike you, obviously.

  16. Great video really helpful for a new YouTuber like me

  17. wow switch on instagram _il_fede

  18. how would you clean the Vaseline off your lense after taking photos??

    1. The vaseline NEVER goes directly on the lens! Always use a filter, and we
      recommend using the cheapest filter you can buy. That way, you could just
      keep it covered in vaseline, or if you want to clean it – you can use
      window cleaner or just hot water, soap and a soft cloth.

  19. Nice way to ruin your filter…. good luck getting vasoline off without
    scratching or ruining the coating

  20. good tips :)

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