7 Smartphone Photography Tips & Tricks

View professional photographer Lorenz Holder demonstrate some imaginative smart device digital photography tips & methods in Munich, Germany making use of an iPhone 5S!

* UPDATE: New video clip! View it below:

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Producer: Ulrich Grill, zooom manufacturings ()
Director: Matthew Rycroft
Professional photographer: Lorenz Holder ()
Models: Matthew Rycroft & Vincent Urban
Cinematography & Editing and enhancing: Andrea Anderes



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  1. +COOPH how did you make the tripod
    do you have a tutorial?

    1. emegerd usuck fuk u keil urself u feg

    2. +Kide Lemi Here are some shots that may help: http://coo.ph/phonephototips

    3. +COOPH thx!:)


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      not for women too

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  3. you guy’s make me professional thank you

  4. i never thought about using a cup so my camera can see under water, thanks
    for the cool suggestion

    1. Check out my low light photography by Mobile phone … also check out my
      low light photo editing on snapseed … i hope you will enjoy it 🙂

  5. 6th was best

  6. very cool ideas, love em all ~

  7. es una marca te voi a matar

  8. Absolutely fascinating and yet so simple

  9. underwater is amazing

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  11. Robert Eduard S. Delima

    that was cool!

  12. Rose Peniel Baracheta

    Omg cool tips thanks for this!

  13. if I don’t have an iPhone but Samsung is it gonna work?

    1. Christina Terenti It depends on how good is your camera and what is it
      capable of.

  14. This is a complete reference file with examples of how common light
    modifiers affect portrait photographs. Reviewing this before a shoot will
    save you time by giving an idea of what light modifiers should be chosen
    based on the desired mood.

    1. Thanks for sharing.

    2. Peter N. Steffensen

      Very interesting.

  15. অবসর সময়

    awesome tips sir….we want more…..tips for ph photography

  16. how did street dog turned into a boxer ?.. explain this

  17. great tips . thank you


    amazing mannnn…superb

  19. These are awesome! Thank you for sharing 👍🏼

  20. watching some of the videos of this channel make me wanna say this channel
    DESERVE more subscriber!

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