9 Photo Composition Tips (feat. Steve McCurry)

COOPH discusses 9 image composition suggestions with the assistance of Steve McCurry's incredible photographs. Special many thanks most likely to Steve McCurry for his time as well as authorization to utilize his photos in this video clip!

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Manufacturer: Ulrich Grill, zooom productions ()
Director: Matthew Rycroft
Videographer/ Editing: Andrea Anderes



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  1. I forgot I even subd this channel, more videos please! This was awesome!!!

    1. 🙂 We’re trying to produce at least one video a month – it’s not a lot but
      we want to spend more time on each one and make it more informative!

  2. The video is great! But what’s most important is the last bit of advice at
    the end of the video. Composition is cool, but it’s not everything.

    1. Yup. You gotta know the rules so you can break them!

    2. Alexander Baranov

      Yup. Lots of people do it. And fail. 90% of amateurs start breaking rules
      before they learn how to apply them properly.

  3. Christopher Gonzalez

    Wow. I learned more in this video about composition and frame than other
    videos I have seen.

  4. This was a whole new chapter for me and the lessons are taught by my
    favourite Photographer/Artist/inspirer/Human being Steve McCurry Thank you

  5. Tip listing:
    – Rule of Thirds (lines, intersecting points)
    – Leading lines (lead eyes to the subject)
    – Diagonal lines (create movements)
    – Framing
    – Figure to ground (contrast between figure and background)
    – Center dominant eye
    – Get closer to subject
    – Patterns and repetition
    – Symmetry

  6. 1010

  7. fantastic

  8. Liaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Thank you for this video. I’m shooting my first panels and this Facebook
    stopover on comfortable. If you receive this message before Friday do you
    have any tips for taking picture at conventions? And or schmoozing

    Power to the people,

  10. Rosanna Simanjuntak

    Yup! Theory and implementation only in one click. Awesome!!
    Take a bow

  11. Such an excellent & informative video with great music & awesome pics!
    Thank you.


  13. 01:11 I need help with understanding how to get that sharpness in a shot.

    My thinking goes like this:
    They all are moving, that’s for sure. That means we have to get our shutter
    speed considerably faster, like 1/100 or 1/200? From there: both bikes and
    people are sharp, so probably F4 aperture, at least. So that leaves us with
    not much light to play with! And that makes me wonder: (1) do we crank up
    ISO (2) do we add some lighting which I don’t think is possible in this
    kind of shots (3) or is there something I’m missing, besides a possibility
    that there was a lot of light in the scene already?

    A lot of shots in this video are very steady and sharp and all-round, or so
    they seem. Can someone help me to clarify this in my head? How to get that
    amazing steadiness and sharpness while not shooting studio pictures?

    1. I dont think they are moving. For me, it’ look like the train is at the
      station and they are waiting for it to go. So that’s why they are so sharp.

    2. I’m absolutely sure the train is still. But people are not trees, they’re
      moving. So you won’t gain much light by increasing shutter speed. That’s
      what I’m talking about: about the tradeoff between sharpness, light and

  14. Great video!and I love what you said at the end=)

  15. mccurry one of the best photojournalist s of all time

  16. Awsome info👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

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  18. Uscenes relaxing videos

    Wonderful advice, thanks.

  19. Its really awesome valuable knowledege to increase our photography life
    style thanks for shared with us i really thankful to you

  20. neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerd

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