It’s all about the Squinch!

Look more photogenic each time you step in front of a cam with this step INDIVIDUALS! It's about the Jaw began the collection, so check that sucker out as well!

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Also, squinch is really a word despite the fact that the spell check will not let it fly. Examine it out right here: Funny, glad I was on the right track.

Unique Many thanks to the stars who were professional squinchers!
In order of look:
Lukas Hassel
David Heartstone
Janice Amano
Aaron Fried
Alice Lee
Nick Daly
Taso Hountas
Aina Aussarbayeva


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  1. I’m seeing 8,497 views on this sucker in less than 24hrs PEOPLE! Let’s get
    it to 10K, why not? Tweet and Facebook this sucker to death. Let’s see
    what we can do! #SHABANG!

    1. I propose a new tag – #hurleysquinch Let’s see if it takes off. Great

    2. Ok +Nancy Levan let’s go for it!

    3. Mauricio Cacciavillani

      u genius!!!! cheers from argentina!!!

    4. +Royalhassel Is the master squincher PEOPLE! Guy knows his stuff.

    5. Wonderful tip!!! Gotta practice now!! This week I’ll give it a try on
      squinch+jaw line for my passport picture 🙂

  2. On the fence about #squinching? Check out Brad Pitt b4 he figured it out.
    Seen him give this look to a camera lately?

    1. Sorry, but I think Tyra Banks beat you to this! 😛

      It’s called *smizing* (smiling with your eyes). Still, this will probably
      get the technique out there to people beyond the pop-fashion demographic.

    2. My 1 year old daughter has the #squinch down pat:

    3. Arnaud Koch Padrixe

      I think Ian Somerhalder is an expert of the squinching, you can see him
      doing it in litterally EVERY picture. It’s amazing. Please, could you make
      a video about the smile ? I never know if I have to show my teeth, to fake
      a big laugh, only a tiny one, it’s really not easy at all.

    4. +Paul Pichugin WOW!! she totally got it! you have a little professionl
      model at home 🙂

    5. +Arnaud Koch Padrixe completely agree with you. Ian poses what makes it
      more special are his eyes of thin almond shaped which is quite common for
      Caucasian and some for south Asian or middle eastern people to have, thus
      giving this sexy look.

  3. Do you even #squinch Google+ers?!

    So um hey, I kinda already do the whole squinching thing ..
    #tight !

    Any #truth to this video from those out there who might take a few photos
    every now and again and then, again?


    1. NaturaLight Artisan Photography

      I’d swear I see this every few scrolls… SPAM!

    2. Hey +Peter Hurley, check out the December 2013 cover of Marie Claire
      magazine for a great Julia Roberts #squinch.

    3. My 1 year old daughter has the #squinch down pat:

    4. +Paul Pichugin
      yes she does. lol. Seems a little odd for such a mature expression in
      someone that age though. (just my opinion). Cute kid though.

    5. +Ed Hidden she doesn’t actually intentionally do it, just a chance shot.

  4. It’s official PEOPLE! Over 1 Million humans are now publicly roaming the
    earth squinching! Watch ABC’s Nightline Jan 2nd after Jimmy Kimmel for a
    little more activity in the squinch arena! SHABANG!

    1. +Peter Hurley When you open your eyes I see Will Ferrell. When you
      “squinch” I see Clint Eastwood.

    2. +einarabelc5 loooooool

    3. +einarabelc5 well observed!

    4. +einarabelc5 lol

    5. Xmuslim Atheist Rebel

      awesome technique

  5. Reddit got me here mysteriously. SH-BAAAAAAAANG!

  6. Now I can’t stop squinching! Lol I have my first ever client for head shots
    coming up soon. Nervous but excited!

    1. u dont be nervous baby. it ll show in front of ur customers

    2. +Ls Lx Thank you hun!

  7. Do you have any tips for genetic eye bags when taking phots

    1. Just use ice under your eyes prior to shooting.

    2. Thx so much. I get enough sleep but for some reason I still have puffy
      eyes. I am a model and I love your videos. I have learned a lot.

  8. It IS good tip, but it appears to me to be the same thing Tyra Banks has
    been calling the “smize” for years on Top Model.

    1. Smiling with your eyes never defined anything for anyone. Narrowing the
      distance between your lower eyelid and your pupil gives people something
      substantial that people can actually understand. Look at the GMA coverage
      on the squinch to see what I mean.

  9. Great tutorial.I have been posing this way since 2009 without any idea it’s
    a pro tip .

  10. But David’s squinching makes him look tired. In the “before” photo, he
    looks more awake and alert. In the “after,” he looks a little like he needs
    a nap.

  11. Wait wait wait waiiit WAAAAIIITT! Isn’t this called fucking “Blue Steel”?

  12. Euhm…what if my eyes are too squinched by nature? 🙁 No SHABANG there

  13. it’s called “smizing” 😉 © Tyra Banks lol

  14. I need a Squint Job !

  15. I’ve been doing this my whole life for photos and I never knew it was an
    actual thing until just now! Love it! Thank you~!

  16. I love your videos! Very educational and slightly comical. ❤

  17. fact: squinching is when ya make your butthole get that squeeze. google it
    ya betch

  18. Khalid M (Yourmaingotoguy)

    Damn your tips are awesome!

  19. Any tips for asian with small eyes? Our eyes are pretty tiny to begin with!

  20. Xenophanes of Colophon

    Oh, I thought your were talking about the liquid coming violently out of a
    vagina when the girls is aroused.

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