Mistakes to Avoid as a Beginner Photographer

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In this video clip I talk about the usual mistakes I made as a beginner in my photography occupation, as well as just how you could avoid them. By adhering to these essential steps, you'll have the ability to drastically boost your images prior to you ever bring them in to photoshop. As well as improving pictures implies better digital photography customers!


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  1. Your website gives a ‘malware’ alert.´╗┐

    1. Photographer Overnight

      +Grant Kuhn Sorry about the issues with the website, it went down while I
      was on vacation, but we’ve fixed the problems and everything is up and
      running now. Hope this helps! Thanks for your patience. ­čÖé

  2. Hi, I have tried visiting your site but browser did not allow me as your
    site contains malware… Can you please get it resolved so that I can learn
    from your site? I really liked the way you explained things in this
    video… Please keep up the good work… It really helps amateur

    1. Photographer Overnight

      +NAGA PRANEETH Sorry about the issues with the website, it went down while
      I was on vacation, but we’ve fixed the problems and everything is up and
      running now. Hope this helps! Thanks for your patience. ­čÖé

    2. Thank you very much ­čÖé

    3. +NAGA PRANEETH sdvio.lu
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      love doing, when you turn your hobby into an income, that’s when you start
      living by the quote *”do what you love and love what you do”* Amateur or a
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    4. black and white photography

      +Jeanne L. Henry well that is true because you have that passion for what
      you do. Anyway the video is helpful

  3. +Photographer Overnight what camera are you using in this video???? Or if
    anyone else knows the camera can you please respond to my comment. thank

    1. Jeremy M. Kessler

      +Omar Brown The Secret Photography Tricks for Beginner. Free Download this
      tutorial Here

    2. +Kyle Glass Please, stop taking care about the camera! You should care
      about your eyes, thoughts, concepts, ecc.

    3. +Photographer Overnight can use the raw setting in a beginner DSLR canon?

    4. +missj Stephens Yes. You can also shoot in RAW and JPEG. Not all camera’s
      offer this but most Canon DSLR bodies have RAW mode. What Canon do you
      have? I still have a Canon t3i.

    5. +missj Stephens look on your settings…if it is there then yes

  4. You convinced me to go raw.. Thanks!´╗┐

    1. +bleu ground try photo settings , you can configure it to either jpeg and
      raw or just raw

    2. Invincible Young Empire

      lol very clever my friend

    3. actually it doesn’t matter if you shooting raw or not as long as you know
      what you doing you will probably get cool photographe even without shooting
      in raw

    4. +bleu ground. change your settings!

    5. +Learn Filmmaking ??? that was a useless comment…of course no
      photographer will always get wonderful shots and never require any
      editing…with that said the whole point she was making when suggesting
      using RAW was that it opens up so many more opportunities to do more and
      better editing.

  5. Marcos Vin├şcius Petri

    “3 things to remember”, and then she lists 4 things… and she forgot the
    most important one: 5) Always check your histogram´╗┐

    1. The most important its just your opinion.

    2. checking your histogram just tells you what range of of light and colors is
      in the picture, the histogram dsnt show you much that you cant see with
      your own eyes.

    3. I’ve gotten into the habit of checking ‘every’ photo histogram, as it tells
      me if I have overexposed, or if most of my image will be dark. For the
      second it takes, I’ve found the histogram to be a valuable tool in
      photography personally. My camera has two slots, of which I shoot one in
      RAW and the other card makes a .jpg, where I put all my RAW files on an
      external drive, and .jpg’s go to my computer. I have Lightroom, so that is
      what I use for the RAW files, and I also use Aurora HDR Pro making the
      whole process easier.

    4. +DebonairDinosaur exactly…i think that is a ridiculous suggestion…of
      course that is just MY opinion

    5. Gina Powell

  6. I wanted to snap some pics at a concert and they took my cameras, one of
    the paid professional photographers were filming in fine @ 1/2000 with ISO

    1. 99% of concerts won’t allow photographers in with their cameras unless you
      have a press pass.

    2. i always ask for permission you would be surprised how many places will let
      you keep your camera , some might have a rule like they get a copy etc

    3. except gopro

    4. gotta get something that doesn’t look “pro” like a fuji or a sony e-mount.
      then maybe you won’t get assaulted by lame security

  7. Under exposure is not much of a problem since you can fix it on your laptop
    or PC. But a over exposed image can`t be saved.´╗┐

    1. In my experience slightly ovrrexposing RAW is preferable because it
      eliminates noise in the shadows.

  8. Raw rocks for sure glad I switched and lightroom and I are becoming good

  9. I just bought my first DSLR and am trying to learn. I gotta say, it’s like
    learning a language or how to walk.´╗┐

    1. What camera did you get mate?

    2. +Aldrick Espinosa Nikon D5300.

    3. Great choice!

    4. Probably it’s because those two things are the only ones you really learned

    5. +RulerL0rd awwww. It’s a baby troll in its natural environment.

  10. I’m running a Nikon coolpix not very many options so photo shop is my key
    my new issue is trying to get back ground blur and color correction´╗┐

    1. DebonairDinosaur Hi, can you suggest me a low budget camera wich has these
      features! I’m a beginner and can’t afford a costly one, plus no knowledge
      about camera’s­čśů please help me out mate, thanks!

    2. The cannon rebel series are about as low budget as you are going to get for
      an entry level DSLR, you can prob get a used one around 200 bucks. I hate
      to say it, but photography is an expensive hobby, a very expensive hobby.

    3. Zainab farooqi you can buy a canon eos 1200d dslr in 23k which is a great
      choice for beginners

    4. DebonairDinosaur True that.

  11. where is that location at? where the buss is at´╗┐

  12. I’m only 11, I thought it would be easier to take good pictures of my cats.´╗┐

    1. I’m a professional and cats are very difficult to photograph unless they
      are sleepy.

    2. Deedee Is Jillian tamilsexfim

  13. ­čĹŹsubscribed´╗┐

  14. When you say shoot in the raw does that mean be naked ? Because I would
    love to have an excuse to go to a wedding with my schlong hanging out.´╗┐

    1. No….. Just no….

  15. It shows very clear how to understand the difficult way and how use the
    modern cameras made for the modern tech today. It is an excellent program
    for technical details and various shooting situations.

    1. Thank you, this is a great help.

  16. Her voice is so nice´╗┐

  17. An amazing guide which gave me the ability to turn myself from an amateur
    photographer to a near professional, I found the quality of my pictures and
    videos dramatically enhance after reading this guide, a definite help to
    anyone who wants to learn how to take more breath taking stunning

    1. Saikrishna Munirathnam

      Benjamin S. Valdez k

  18. She said 3 things to remember and she listed 4, haha´╗┐

  19. You might want to specify in your title that this is more geared towards
    beginning *professional* photography. The eleven year-old in the comments
    doesn’t need to learn how to pose people (or myself, for that matter), for
    example. I also saw several people who didn’t even know what the RAW format
    is, which takes up far more space. If people are this new to photography,
    chances are they won’t have adequate storage to handle shooting in RAW, but
    rather, only in JPEG. Sorry to be so critical. I still think this can be
    very helpful, just perhaps towards a slightly different audience.´╗┐

  20. on my birthday I want a laptop and a camera­čśÇ I want to be a photo

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