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Photography is the science of capturing light onto a piece of sliver halide emulsion or film. It is the art of recording an image in history which we find captivating, amusing, or thought-provoking and provides us with a “true-to-life” image.

Most pictures are made using a device called camera. A camera works somewhat like the human eye, capturing reflected light from objects, through a camera lens and focusing those light rays into an image. Traditionally, cameras recorded the image onto film and with technological advancements; modern day cameras store images in computer chips.

Photography has become an art form in many different types. Different types of Photography are: Artistic Photography, Photojournalism, Documentary Photography Portrait Photography, Event Photography, Family Photography, Nature Photography, Advertising Photography, Underwater Photography, Satellite Photography and more.

Making of a Memorable Photograph
A memorable photograph is a work of art. To create a beautiful work of art in a photograph, you must give importance on colors, images, emotions and have a proper planning.

In addition, the angle from which the photograph is taken can greatly influence the viewer’s understanding and emotional reaction. A normal, everyday item shot from a new angle makes ordinary moments interesting to the viewers.
Photography might not be considered beautiful at all, but a good one is certainly interesting. It is interesting because it shows something we haven’t seen before. For example- war or natural disaster photograph.

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