Photography tips for your boudoir photo shoot

This is the image shoot that Emily and I did for our Boudoir Digital photography digital book at I like a room over virtually other place for a photo session. So why not discussing an illumination setup for your boudoir picture shoot? The configuration will certainly help you even in pretty tiny rooms as well as you will not need a lot of equipment. So enjoy the video clip for comprehending the arrangement and a few other boudoir digital photography suggestions. And after that go attempt it out yourself. See images at

. I desire you good light!
— Michael


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  1. I recently bought the e-book and I am very happy with it! Any news on
    future ebooks? I would love to see more lighting set-ups and diagrams for
    sofas, walls, mirrors, chairs, hallways, stairs. Let me rephrase that,
    anything which is not a studio! Another thing I would be interested in is
    your post-production.

    1. I frequently present outdoor shoots in Good Light! Magazine, +AuxiliaryExit !
      Will try to get some more into this channel as well.

  2. Is your ebook useful for film shooters?

    1. Here are some of the best tricks you can do to achieve great photos –

    2. +emomagica , the eBook contains tips for still photography. Film shooter
      will have to approach the scenes completely differently. There is pretty
      much no overlap.

    3. +Good Light! Clips oft his

  3. Dein Englisch ist so typisch deutsch :D

    1. Rheinländisch 🙂

  4. Patricklee Hamilton

    You are the BOSS of lighting! And I am sure you make many lighting
    companies mad but who cares what they think when we photographers are
    pleased with what you introduce us to? Keep up the great work! I am
    subscribed to your many channels. 

    1. Wow, thanks a lot for your kind words, +Patricklee Hamilton !

  5. OMG, I’m going to try this right now. But I need a model. Where can I get

    1. Did you have a chance to try it out, +TTL ? If so, feel free to share the
      results here.

    2. Oh, and there are a number of tips on finding open minded models in the
      following episode of my podcast:

  6. I just bought my first dslr. Canon t3. Thanks for the video, its very
    detailed and informative. Looking forward to seeing all of your work.
    Thank you.

    1. Thanks a lot, +YarYar Yar ! There’s even much more detail on many
      techniques in my little magazine, Good Light! Mag!

  7. i keep bookmarking these videos,they are not confusing,and end results are
    great,u guys rock…….

  8. Do you recommend using umbrella or softbox in boudoir shoot? Do they make
    any difference?

    1. +Jason Yang You are going to want a larger softbox for boudoir shoots. The
      softbox will give you more control of the lighting and allow the light to
      be softer. If you have a large enough white umbrella you can always use it
      as a shoot through and that will normally come out fine. Main differences
      being controlling where the light hits and how soft the lighting is.

  9. Excellent video…I’m new to boudoir photography, but this will really

  10. Thanks for the setup tip, I’m gonna try it next boudoir shoot I do! Also,
    BEAUTIFUL model! She is STUNNING!

  11. how about using the window light/ambient light, you have a big window in
    the sideof the bed. thats more dramatic for boudoir.

  12. Hey youl clips are really helpful…please share your instagram and twitter

  13. nice nights

  14. how do you put the speed light in the lamp and keep it lit?

  15. You sir are a master!

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