8 DIY Smartphone Photography Tips

Enjoy photographer Richard Schabetsberger show some creative smartphone photography pointers & techniques in Salzburg, Austria making use of an OPPO N3!

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DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHER: Richard Schabetsberger
Internet site:

Director: Matthew Rycroft
Versions: Andrea Anderes
Cinematography & Modifying: Andrea Anderes

On Android we utilized an application called "Little Earth"
For iphone there is an amazing one called "Rollworld".

Supply music:.


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  1. Awesome. Thanks!
    One thing I love, which I realize is not DIY, but still, is Tilt-Shift
    photography, which makes photo, usually high up city shots, look like
    miniature models. There are plenty of apps that allow you to do that on
    your phone though.


    1. +Geoffrey Zoref Yup, we love a good tilt-shift too! Maybe we’ll feature it
      in the next vid! 🙂

  2. @COOPH what is the name of the phone ??

    1. +Andrew Krav It’s an OPPO (http://www.oppo.com)! 😉

  3. +COOPH wich smartphone is the best for the best pictures?

    1. iPhone 6 and Lg g4

    2. Samsung galaxy s6 and iPhone 6s have a better auto settings the lg g4 is
      more for pros you can adjust everything and even take raw image

    3. We used an OPPO N3 in this vid – super high quality images! 😉

    4. poseidon earthshaker

      +COOPH you used first motorized camera on smartphone in the world which
      creates wonderful panos but you still move yourself when taking panorama 😀

  4. which phone was used ..??

    1. +Maruf Rahman Abir It was the OPPO N3! (

    2. OMG #COOPH team its expensive here in India
      can i go for Lenovo vibe X3 or ???
      (i don’t care RAM/ROM or processor…only CAMERA but for good price)

      (BTW, plz reply 🙁

  5. This is AWESOME!!!

  6. Rüzgar İcat Şirketi

    you are the best

  7. Anyone can tell me the song name in this video

    1. link is in description

    2. Old grass jam remix

  8. This is pure awesomeness thanks for the tips guys.

  9. what the handphone??!!

  10. how to bring back the balloon?

    1. intresting!

  11. Can this work with starter Nikkor lenses?

  12. That moment when your phone flys up to the sky attached to a helium balloon

  13. app from the smol word

  14. what if the balloon got fly in air

  15. So Amazing!

  16. That’s awesome, thank’s for the tips😚

  17. Extremely interesting
    btw which is that phone?

  18. does #8 only work with a prime lens?

  19. GamingWithWolfy 1223

    whats the songs name?

  20. the journey is long

    these are freaking awesome

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