Phone Photography Hacks – Hack It: EP24

Tips and also methods for taking amazing phone images!

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  1. Febriana Maurizki Dewanti

    I didn’t know then that HDR work like that 😱

    1. lol. yeah. me too. 😂😂

    2. It consumes a lot of memory space, tho. So if you already have good
      lighting or know how to play with the natural light around you, it’s best
      to just turn that mode off.

    3. Febriana Maurizki Dewanti if you have a iphone just leave it in auto. It
      will know when u need it by scanning the background and turn it on
      automatically. for most other scenarios it will know when to turn of.

    4. Febriana Maurizki Dewanti it actually doesn’t work I think because when I
      looked at 0:45 I retook the photo

  2. First time in this channel. She looks a lot like Halsey and I think that’s

    1. OMG RIGHTTTT????

    2. +Lps PonyCrafters She’s a singer/songwriter who just released her debut
      album called “Badlands”. It’s so good. I swear to God search it rn, you
      won’t regret it! She’s become popular enough to be able to work with huge
      music personalities like Chainsmokers and Justin Bieber. Ask google for
      more info 🙂

    3. pia sharma Priya880918

      DenebCygnus12 I thought d same 😂😂

  3. I’ve always loved the rule of thirds. Ahaha. It’s my favorite from my
    photography class. xD

    1. Sorry, man. The only people I give my number to are people I know in
      person, usually family and close friends and some colleagues.

    2. but why…???? can’t I be your frnd..!!!

    3. where u fucked up babe…????

  4. The way she says “heich” for h, hdr.

    Just me?

    1. Jethro “koeia” solis

      big deal?


    3. Thiru Madhav she Australian

    4. Rainbow Cat Serenity

      Thiru Madhav she is an Aussie

    5. Matthew Vlogs and Gaming

      Sayani 101 she says hach

  5. Why are you so beautiful??

  6. you are lovely and sweet and fun to be around I think 🙂
    thank you for the simple she easy tips and tricks :)

  7. hi looking great

  8. 4:02 i guess im just dumb hahahahahah

    1. Amina Choudry

  9. Excellent tips. Thank you!!

  10. she kinda looks like halsey.. 💕

    1. Nandini A2 a mix of Halsey and Ruby Rose !! 😍👌🏻

    2. +Sarraa STH ri8!! 💕💕

    3. FluffyKatie OMG SHE DOES

    4. FluffyKatie yes

  11. This was so useful. Thank you! :)

  12. these hacks were actually amazing thumb 🆙

  13. Was about to go to the App Store and search for touch retouch and “for a
    bit of money” and I was like 😭

  14. In my phone, there’s this section where it’s called “metering”
    what does it mean? when can this be helpful for?

    1. Metering is the process where the camera calculates the exposure. Usually
      more weightage is given to the region that is the main focus. Take the HDR
      example in the clip. If you focus on the person, the person will be
      correctly exposed while the sky will be too bright. If you focus on the
      sky, the sky will be correctly exposed while the person will be too dark.
      If you use “average” metering, then it will not make a difference where you
      focus. Because the camera simply takes the average of the whole scene in
      calculation. The sky will be too bright and the person will be too dark.

    2. limeastsg thank u so much!

  15. lakshmipadmavathi Naredla

    I really didn’t find that app

  16. Great tips! You can remove the background objects using YouCam app too and
    it’s for free :-P

  17. hehehe i enjoyed so much your video 😆thanks.

  18. were u really a Model 😳

  19. Good Good Good tips

  20. Very helpful 😊☺️

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