Tech Hacks – Hack It: EP3

Rebecca Tan shares phone digital photography methods, ways to unsend e-mails, and a lot more!

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  1. Cookie Cat The Gem


    1. DestinyTheGamer 1

      Left ear is backwards

    2. •Pastel Squishies •

      DestinyTheGamer 1 no hinge perfect

  2. Puth Voraknuth Mark

    I love you Rebecca, you are sooo amazing and hilarious XD. i laughed so
    much at your videos! <3 Love the hacks too!

    1. “Rebecca “!!!

    2. Puth Voraknuth Mark tdy

    3. me toooooo she is awesome 😍love her

    4. Puth Voraknuth Mark same she is so cool and funny

  3. I love your hacks can you post more?

    1. Pleaseeweee 😍Irly

  4. I only subscribed to your show to watch hack it only….!!!

    1. Sonia R Sekhar ok

    2. Sonia R Sekhar me too

  5. thanks for the hackss

    1. Chirath Jeevantha

    2. Andy Rimohimah

  6. Down To Earth Gamer

    Love all of your videos .really such an nice channel .Love from

  7. Vilashni Mottian (vilzϟ)

    Click network is amazing I love watching their videos and Shu Ann and
    Rebecca are so beautiful and fun! Thankx for the fun guys 😍

  8. Social Media Hacks

  9. Aleah “Luciana” Natsu

    I am in love with the thumbnail omg

  10. Nerdy_depressed_girl

    Almost 1 mil IM SO PROUD OF U GUYS

  11. ur so good in hacks .love u sweetheart

  12. yu are such a cutieee rebecca! love yew

  13. i just love all your videos…u r amazing

  14. Rebecca’s pants in the thumbnail so low

  15. Rebecca you are ausome

  16. I get crazy and laugh a lot when I was watching your video, love you
    Rebecca .

  17. I love you very much, u are awesome, Im crazy love u

  18. I love your hack

  19. Love your videos Rebecca. I subscribed to Click network only for Hack it
    and Tried and tested.
    But I’ve got one problem in one of these hacks…..the ‘unsend’ option in
    Labs does not appear on my account. What do I do?

  20. she is hotter than a chefs pan on the busiest night of the year! damn she

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